Three Keys to Connecting with Others

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“The business of business is relationships; the business of life is human connection.” —Robin S. Sharma

By Elizabeth Stincelli, DM

We need human connection in both our personal and our professional lives. Almost everything that is accomplished is made possible through relationships. Since it is nearly impossible to succeed all alone, here are three keys to really connecting with others.

Listen authentically

Developing a relationship requires communication. But, the key to connecting with others is the listening side of the communication equation. Listening shows others that you are truly interested in them and what they have to say. It shows respect and allows you to get to know them as individuals on a deeper level.

Engage authentically

When you engage with others you show interest in their lives, their work, their goals, and their dreams. When you engage authentically you find the commonalities that create a sense of community, a sense of connection. Engagement, like listening, shows interest; it allows all parties to get to know each other, to find shared interests, and collaborate to achieve great goals.

Care authentically

At the end of the day, connection comes down to caring about another person. Not caring about what they have to offer you; not caring about whom they know; not caring about what they do; it’s about caring authentically. When you care about others on an individual basis you open the door to real connection.

Connect Authentically

Great things can be accomplished when two or more individuals connect authentically. This deep connection creates relationships that are built on trust and respect. Learn to listen, engage, and care authentically; these are the behaviors that foster true connection.

© 2016 Elizabeth Stincelli

Liz Stincelli is passionate about recognizing and inspiring the leader in each of us. She is the Founder of Stincelli Advisors where she focuses on helping organizations engage employees and improve organizational culture. Liz holds a Doctor of Management degree with an emphasis on organizational leadership.

Learn more about Liz by visiting her website, and connect with her on Twitter @infinitestin, Google+, and LinkedIn. You can contact her by email at


Author: lizstincelli

I am Liz Stincelli and I am passionate about recognizing, inspiring, and igniting the leader in each of us. I am the Founder of Stincelli Advisors where I specialize in helping management teams learn new ways of looking at problems and finding new approaches to discovering solutions. I hold a Doctor of Management degree with an emphasis on organizational leadership. I offer 20+ years of pro-active operations management, problem-solving, team-building, human resources, accounting, and business administration experience in a variety of industries. I serve on the Editorial Review Board for the Independent Journal of Management and Production and the Journal of Managerial Psychology. I have also been a guest lecturer at the Bill and Vieve Gore School of Business Westminster College. You can learn more about me by reading my blog here at: or Connect with me on Twitter @infinitestin, on Google+, and on LinkedIn. You can contact me by email at

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