Leadership Minute: Team Unity

What a great post to remind us how important it is to include and embrace individuals with varied and sometimes opposing points of view, Doug. When we have team unity we are able to give serious consideration to a variety of ideas and concerns while developing a plan of action. Once a plan is developed the entire team stands behind it and joins together in working towards its successful completion.

Doug Dickerson on Leadership


A house divided against itself cannot stand. – Abraham Lincoln

In leadership circles we hear a lot about teamwork and team building, but not as much about team unity. Unity of your team does not mean checking your individuality at the door and not having differing views and opinions. Team unity simply means that once all the views have been aired, differences expressed, and a consensus reached, then it’s time to move forward with a united front. Teams need diversity of thought, creative minds, and fresh eyes taking a look at things from every angle. Promoting team unity begins when the leader acknowledges and values everyone’s input. Unity breaks down when voices are squelched. Build unity by building relationships. Never underestimate the value that each person brings to the table.

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Brand Yourself as a High Potential

We focus so much energy on developing a brand for our organization. What about our personal brand?

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You might argue — but it is my opinion that you cannot expect to walk through the office door a virtuoso. Whether you are new to the workplace or simply changing direction, it takes a bit of time to establish your reputation and set yourself apart from the crowd. This is perfectly fine — as good things can come with patience. It’s not a sprint to climb the staircase of success , it is definitely a “steady and paced” endeavor.

Tom Peter’s classic article, The Brand Called You,emphasized the importance of developing your own career brand in our fast-paced world of work — and I fully agree with his premise. Standing out in a sea of competition can be daunting, and branding is a savvy option to consider. You are your own brand — and you alone have the control to develop that brand wisely.

Keeping your nose…

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What Is Your Leadership MOJO?

Little things that Matter - Lalita Raman

Last Saturday, I watched the movie The Monuments Men accidentally. I was under the impression that I had booked for The Wolf of Wall Street and didn’t realize till I walked into the cinema hall and after the movie started, that I had been given tickets to The Monuments Men. I’m glad I made a choice to watch it not so much for the movie but in learning about the Monuments Men.
This movie is based on the true story of the greatest treasure hunt in history, the film is an action drama focusing on an unlikely World War II platoon, tasked by FDR with going into Germany to rescue artistic masterpieces from Nazi thieves and returning them to their rightful owners. In the last year of the war, they tracked, located, and in the years that followed returned more than five million artistic and cultural items stolen by Hitler…

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15 Quotes to Get Your Head in the Right Place at Work

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Not every work day can be met with unbridled enthusiasm. We all have days when our mental status is just not in the “right place” as we enter the office. Personally, I’m never sure about the root of my malaise. It could be linked to anything — an annoying interaction that has lingered, a bad dream or the cheesecake I had last night for dessert. However, it spells trouble for my day.

Changing the dynamic, pronto, becomes the first order of business.

Sometimes, I opt to read New Yorker cartoons.  Sometimes I call a trusted colleague or friend. If all else fails, I re-read my all-time favorite quotes about work, career and inspiration.

Here are some of my favorite “mood changing” quotes. I hope they offer you what you might need to impact your day for the better.

  1. Choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work…

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